We believe that teachers are critical to the success of every early childhood education program. Many schools have good facilities and use a nationally-known curriculum, but these tools are only effective when put into the hands of teachers who are properly trained, motivated, and empowered.

At Oak Forest Academy, our management team is dedicated to empowering and encouraging our teachers to contribute ideas and feedback and engaging them in the implementation of new ideas and changes.

Our comprehensive training program doesn’t stop at orientation. Our Education Curriculum Director specializes in training teachers and will work side by side with them to effectively apply our curriculum and solicit feedback to continually improve our program.

As a growing and future-focused local business, we are proudly looking to add to our team. We are currently looking for teachers who are seeking to expand upon their experience and knowledge. If you believe that your education and experience support your love of children and proves your dedication to their growth and well-being, we would love to hear from you.

We provide a positive and supportive work environment, a competitive salary and benefits package, scholarships, and ongoing professional development opportunities. You’ll also enjoy a friendly, like-minded team of individuals who enjoy what they do and supports you in your career too.

If you’re interested in joining the OFA team, please submit the OFA Careers Form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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