At Oak Forest Academy, our entire team works cohesively to help your preschooler thrive by encouraging further experimentation and exploration. Delighting in new experiences, this age group begins to take great interest in feelings and emotions, becoming better at expressing their own while recognizing and identifying them in friends, family, and teachers. They also become more adept at engaging and experimenting with new materials, roles, ideas, and activities.

PreK Program

Committed to helping your preschooler make important cognitive gains, our instructors present everyday opportunities to learn through hands-on experiences and play-based learning. Everyday lessons are structured and designed to invite young students to test their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Expanding on the techniques and strategies developed in our toddler and two-year-old learner programs, we incorporate the basics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) into our preschool curriculum in order to give your child a head start.

Using the STEAM-based curriculum in each of our preschool classes, we strive to ensure that every one of our students is ready and eager to enter Kindergarten, carrying with them a lifelong love of learning. Each daily lesson is structured to be both challenging and encouraging.

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