At Oak Forest Academy, we want you, as a parent, to feel that you and your child are more than just “customers.” We want you to know we see you as family. By working to establish bonds with all Oak Forest Academy families, we hope to create a welcoming environment where safety, education and happiness serve as a foundation for growth.

It is the mission of Oak Forest Academy to support family needs in every possible way. This means that we want our parents to feel involved and present in the care and education of their children. Through the establishment of a parent-led council, we empower OFA parents to address concerns, share ideas and promote involvement.

Parent Council provides parents with the opportunity to assist in:


In addition to our character development program that is incorporated into our daily curriculum, we firmly believe in exposing our students to ways in which they can help shape and improve their communities. Therefore, we have partnered with The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation (RAK). This organization provides ideas and age-appropriate education materials that we can incorporate into our daily lives. The overall goal is to create a positive school culture where students, families, and educators work together to develop, live, and contribute to a shared school vision of service to others.

Your child deserves to know that he/she holds a special place within the community and that their contributions will assist in creating a special place to live for years to come. It is our goal for each of our families that you feel as important to the growth and success of our preschool programs as we believe you are.

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