Kindergarten Readiness

Our team is committed to helping your child succeed, both during their time at Oak Forest Academy and beyond. Therefore, our programs are designed with the ultimate goal of preparing your child to seamlessly and successfully transition into Kindergarten. For kids approaching this stage, we offer a unique program which blends effective and familiar approaches with more advanced academic and social concepts. This program provides extra preparation for Kindergarten, which in turns boosts confidence and builds excitement.

Kindergarten Readiness Program

The demands placed on kindergarteners by the elementary education system are higher today than ever before. This means they have tremendous opportunities to learn, but it also means they must be well prepared in order to succeed. Our Kindergarten Readiness Program is designed to bridge the gap between Pre-K and Kindergarten, providing early and additional preparation for those preparing to graduate from Oak Forest Academy. Kids in need of additional academic or social preparation can ease into the curriculum, and kids who are ready can get a jump start on Kindergarten early.

In this program, we blend a Pre-K environment with Kindergarten skills, allowing our kids to adapt and become comfortable in a traditional classroom environment. As with our younger programs, kids in this program continue to build their skills in the areas of literacy, math, science, and technology, in a hands-on environment with excellent student-to-teacher ratios.

To maintain the most effective program possible, Dr. Yoakum, our Education Curriculum Director, works closely with local schools to monitor changes so that we can constantly adjust and improve our programs. Furthermore, we provide parents with consistent progress reports and other relevant information to ensure confidence through every step of the process.

We know that when kids are well prepared to face Kindergarten with confidence, they are far more likely to excel academically, build meaningful relationships with their teachers and peers, and enjoy their overall educational experience. Our goal and commitment is to do everything we can to set them on that path.

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