Providing a comprehensive education for all our students, our approach to STEAM-based learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) utilizes both tried-and-true teaching methods as well as innovative, future-focused strategies. Customized to be age-appropriate, our curriculum was designed and is implemented to encourage hands-on play where children learn best. At Oak Forest Academy, we believe that exploration and experimentation not only build academic skills but develop self-confidence. Promoting STEAM-based learning, our weekly lesson plans are used by every age group’s program, allowing our instructors to share ideas and methods without obstacle. The shared topics also allow peers to enjoy common activities.

Set in our state of the art, dedicated STEAM enrichment room, we help every student discover the basics of science, technology, engineering, arts and math through play-based experimentation. We believe every day presents an opportunity for learning and we’ve designed our preschool to fully take advantage of these chances to teach. From our exploration garden to our classroom technology, every tool we utilize integrates every aspect of the STEAM curriculum in order to ensure comprehensive learning at every stage.

Find out more about how even our littlest students are given the chance to learn and grow at their own personal pace through STEAM-focused lessons. As the region’s most progressive preschool, we are excited and eager to help your child discover the delight of learning.

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