Two’s Program

Encouraging curiosity and creativity, our educational programs for two-year-olds are designed to build confidence and independence in your child while maintaining the same delight, fun and wonder your family enjoyed seeing in your toddler. By incorporating the basics of science and social studies with hands-on, investigative learning, we encourage the pushing of boundaries by providing a safe, comfortable and structured environment overseen by highly trained and educated professionals who understand the particular challenges of teaching active and healthy two-year-old children.

Why Play-Based Learning?

At Oak Forest Academy, we believe that a lifelong love for learning comes from a solid foundation formed early on in childhood. Because very young children respond so favorably to play time, we find it to be a perfect time to introduce educational opportunities. The stimulants of play not only provide social and emotional growth by creating interpersonal bonds but a play-based curriculum encourages exploration and experimentation. The successful completion of tasks fill children of this age with confidence and delight, compelling them to try more.

As experts in early childhood development, the Oak Forest Academy faculty and staff remain committed to the healthy growth and development of all children. Our priority is to provide a supportive and secure environment in which your child can thrive.

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