Infant Program

At Oak Forest Academy, our experience has taught us that infants — more than any other age group — need to experience unwavering safety and security in order to properly develop. Fostering healthy emotional, physical and mental growth is our goal at Oak Forest Academy. We treat the care of your infant with special devotion as research proves that infants crave and depend upon attachments to special people in their lives. Acting as an extension of your family, our teachers and caregivers are committed to providing security through personal bonds your baby can cling to in order to thrive.

Sharing and supporting the culture, knowledge, experiences, and beliefs of your family, our infant care program is designed to nurture your son or daughter with thoughtful and kind compassion. We delight in the healthy development of each of those infants entrusted to our caring faculty.

Infant Care Program

Your infant was born to be a natural sensory learner, making this one of his or her most important periods for their development. At Oak Forest Academy, in addition to developing your babies’ gross and fine motor skills, stimulating their senses and helping to build their social intelligence, our professional teachers are trained to provide personalized care that responds to how your child learns. We understand that babies do not develop at the same rate and there is a wide range of what is considered “normal.”

Our program focuses on building trust and establishing caring relationships between caregivers and young children. Positive, ongoing relationships help young children grow and develop and help caregivers better understand and respond to children’s individual needs. We provide a safe, active, and fun environment and celebrate every developmental milestone your baby reaches.

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