Toddler Program

Designed and structured to encourage a toddler’s innate and blossoming curiosity, our toddler program allows proper development through hands-on and play-based learning. Because babies are naturally geared towards constant learning, wanting to figure out how things work, it is imperative that they are given a safe and supportive space in which to do so. Our goal at Oak Forest Academy is to promote your child’s natural love for learning in order to facilitate proper social, physical and academic development.

Toddler Care Program

Our curriculum is designed to encourage independence while allowing the safe and secure discovery of unique abilities and talents. Your toddler will enjoy a warm, supportive environment in which they can thrive and delight in learning.

Promoting life skills and social norms, our explorative program fosters:

  • Mental development — Using sensory learning applications, we urge your toddler to delight in learning through touch, taste, sight, and smell. Their curiosity serves as a foundation where they can learn about the differences in all aspects of their little worlds.
  • Social and emotional development — Offering your child a safe and secure environment where he/she can feel confident and cared for builds social skills while teaching them boundaries.
  • Physical development — Assisting the healthy growth and use of large muscle groups, we keep your toddler physically engaged in play throughout the day, encouraging running, climbing and jumping at age-appropriate levels. Indoor activities are designed to promote the healthy development of eye-hand coordination.

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