Character Development

Integrating personal development skills into everything we teach at Oak Forest Academy, we strive to build tomorrow’s leaders, through characteristics such as integrity, honesty and responsibility. As your child’s trusted caretakers and educators, it is our duty to teach more than academic subjects. We have the unique position of being able to mold future citizens while supporting and promoting your family’s values. We believe that a strong community starts with committed and caring members and, through our efforts, we seek to promote and build positive characteristics in our students that prove to be impactful to surrounding places and people.

We believe the development of character through learning, and most importantly applying, strong values deserves greater emphasis in our early education system. Therefore, we have partnered with an organization called Sanford Harmony to implement a program that enhances communication, cooperation, and relationships between diverse peers. This program was researched and developed by educators at the Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics at Arizona State University. Researchers identified practical strategies, stories, activities, and lessons for improving relationships, teaching empathy, increasing student confidence and reducing bullying.

This social-emotional program builds strong classroom relationships and supportive learning communities by empowering students to connect, communicate, collaborate, embrace diversity and resolve conflict. Sanford Harmony provides on-site training for our teachers along with training materials to effectively implement this program in our school.

Implementing age-appropriate, character-building lessons within each weekly classroom plan, we personally demonstrate and promote the principles and values important to ensuring a strong and upstanding citizen of our community.

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